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She has the face that launched a thousand fact hundreds of thousands of hits and countless Youtube Videos were made by posers and fanatics alike. I first saw her when I was searching for Parokya Ni Edgar's Gitara on youtube, though it's obviously out of my search...I immediately notice her beautiful face from the video thumbnails from the related videos section. Parokya Ni Edgar's Gitara was used in a dedication video for her, it was the first video I watched about her but it certainly wasn't the last. Right after watching the video, I forgot all about PNE's music Videos because she is one of the prettiest girl I've ever seen and I instantly got hooked.

It was way back 2005 when I first saw this, and originally I thought that it was an actual video made by her boyfriend because at the time videos of her was still scarce. Little did I know, that during the time Ellen Adarna's Story is starting to turn into a legend.

Ellen, as an average teenager was into social networking sites. Just like everyone, she posted pictures of herself in her profile page but unlike most people...her face is one you won't easily forget. She is stunningly beautiful and it's almost unreal that she was just an average MYSPACE user and not a model or celebrity of some sort that is why many who found her page stole her pictures and used it on their own profile posing as her. Soon, more and more people used not only her pictures but her name in all social networking platforms that's why her pictures spread like a wildfire and it didn't take long for gals and guys alike to admiring her beauty and posted videos of picture compilation of Ellen Adarna.

Undoubtedly, Youtube played a big role in her insane popularity on the internet however, internet fame is a double-bladed sword. Despite of the fact that her modeling career took-off because of this exposure, many bad rumors about Ellen Adarna also spread affecting her and her entire family. Pictures of her were edited and turned into rather sexy and sometimes pornographic context. Though, not all of it were actually retouched and Ellen did have some "sexy" pictures, it's mostly due to the fact that her pictures were first intended to be shared only with friend in MYSPACE and that she didn't expect everyone grabbing her pictures. Ellen's real identity was a secret for along time that is why many stories, assumptions, fake profiles and legends were made about her.

Her popularity has been used, and abused by many. In fact, her popularity gave rise to the countless MV's created in dedication to other beautiful faces. She has become the standard and many other girls, even the biggest of stars in the Philippine Showbiz Industry is compared and measured up against the legendary ELLEN ADARNA. SHE IS A CERTIFIED PINOY YOUTUBE STAR!

Profile from Friendster Fan Profile:

Birth name: Ellen Meriam Go Adarna
Birthdate: April 2, 1988
Birth location: Cebu, Philippines
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Black
Ethnicity: Visaya/Chinese/Spanish
Height : 5'3
Background :
-Cover girl for Candy Magazine for June 2005 and July 2006
-Member of Elan Models International
Hometown: Cebu, Philippines


-She is fondly called as the PHILIPPINE MYSPACE QUEEN, and called by UNO Magazine as a certified URBANIZED Star.

-Ellen Adarna first appeared in the July 2005 and June 2006 covers of Candy Magazine. The July 2005 was prior to her internet popularity. She was already a model but weren't as popular.

-She was featured in Ka-Puso MO Jessica Soho's episode about Friendster.



Ellen on Kapuso MO Jessica Soho's Episode about Friendster



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