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Kacee Cortes--YouTube Cover Artist

Many known Youtube artists started doing covers of already popular artists and this holds true with the likes of Marie Digby and David Choi. Although both artist eventually evolved and started composing their own songs, still they're covers are often noticed first. With that in mind, as part of Pinoy Youtube, I will be featuring some promising Pinoy Cover artists and for starters, let me introduce Pinoy Youtube Cover artists Kacee Cortes.

Just like her Idol Marie Digby, Kacee Cortes love for music inspired her to do covers of her favorite songs and posted them on Youtube. The 16 yr. old Kristine C. Cortes of Quezon City is an incoming 4th year student of Miriam College High School which coincidentally is the same school where another Youtube star Carmina Topacio came from. (I just stood corrected, they are not from the same school but they know each other. My bad!) Kacee is starting already with about 10,000 channel views and about 7,000 on with her most viewed cover of her idol's original song Bring Me love. Marie Digby herself took notice of this short but nice cover of her song by making it her favorite.

Aside from Digby, her musical influences also include Michelle Branch, Vanessa Carlton, and Katy Perry."Well, I listen to lots of genres so its hard. But I sing mostly alternative songs or rnb songs and make my own version of it." she added.

She told me that at first, she only wanted to upload the the video where she sang at her dad's birthday party so she can share it with friends who wanted to see it but then she decided to upload more when she found Marie Digby's channel. Of course, when we find some interesting youtuber, we always want to know more of them right. So I'm going to post the questions I asked her and all her answers. So, here you go.

Who taught you how to sing and play the guitar? Do you have any other talents,
skills aside from what you uploaded in youtube?

-No one really taught me how to sing. Maybe its in the genes. :) hehe. I have one video where I sang with my brother. He's really good. Hmm.. the guitar? I taught myself since it was the "in" thing before in our school. That's why I learned. :) Uhm.. I could play the violin. Only one song though. Twinkle twinkle little star. Haha.

Did you expect your videos to be a hit on Youtube? Whats the best/worst comment you received?

-No! I didn't expect it at all because I'm kinda boring to watch. hehe. The best comments? Well, I think all the nice comments are the best :) The worst comment I got was, "horrible!" haha. It was only one so it was easy to remember. :)

What can you say to your growing list of fans and your critics?

- I want to say that I appreciate all of the viewers and nice comments :) It really means a lot to me :)

Can you share something interesting that happened to you since you uploaded your videos?

-haha! Random people add me up in my facebook, friendster and multiply. Before, no one really did that. So yeaah, I think its because of youtube. :)

What was your first video? Which one is your favorite?

- My first video home video was when I sang All good things by Nelly Furtado. I was just testing it that time. :) hmm.. My favorite? that's a hard one.. Let Go by Frou frou (my recent video), Paparazzi by Lady Gaga and Bring me love by Marie Digby (she actually put it in one of her favorite videos. Yey! )

For more of Kacee and her videos you can check her official Youtube Channel here:


and for more songs you can check them out here:

Personal Note: While chatting with her, I also learned that Kacee is not only talented but also she is pretty smart. She is considering of taking up Law so she can take over the family's law firm and also it's interesting to know that she and Carmina has a lot more in common but since it's off-the-record. I'm sorry I can't say anything further. lols!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pinoy Singing Nurse

Aside from just featuring Pinoy Talents, Pinoy Youtube will also be featuring random videos about Pinoy's from around the world that inspires us and makes us proud just like this one.

This video is I believe an excerpt taken from a local news report in New York about a Filipino Nurse who sings to his patients to help ease the pain from their disease. We know all too well the quality of work that our Filipino nurses abroad and this one is just merely an example on how we Filipinos take care of people with our hearts. Great job Dominic Limpin and thanks to jollybcmcdonald for sharing the video.

This video was uploaded by Youtube user: jollybmcdonald

Tuesday, April 28, 2009



Coming out of Last Piñas City is our very first Artist of the Month here in Pinoy-Youtube. Youtube user EPSKY68, more popularly known as Jephone Petil comes from a family of musicians who inspired him to get into music himself. He learned to how to play the guitar at the age of 11 with the help of his older brother. After being separated from his “Kuya” who used to teach him how to play the guitar, Jephone was forced to master it by himself. I guess with the 14 original compositions he has posted in Youtube so far, it’s easy to assume that he did a great job at that.

I personally first bumped into one of Jephone’s videos while I was searching for Sugarfree’s song Kailan Ka ba?, but instead of that song, I found one of his oldest videos “Kailan Ba?” which is my personal favorite. I had the song recorded on my phone, and it’s been on my playlists for more than a year now. However, that song “Kailan Ba?” was deleted by Jephone himself because he sold it along with the song called “Move on” to a friend who is also a very promising youtube artists Joan Da.

Inspired by his ex-girlfriend, Jephone wrote his first song called "Ikaw ang Buhay Ko". The same girl who inspired him to write the song "Henya" which is a song about a guy who's still waiting for an ex-lover, someone who is hesitant and still unsure about the break-up and somehow he still hopes that the girl would come back (Henya according to him is the Tagalog codename of his ex-gf named Jenny). Jephone told me however that his favorite song is "Maghihintay". Great lyrics accompanied with a lively melody, it's no wonder anyone who hears it is bound to get the LSS (Last song Syndrome). The song seems to be the viewers favorite as well and even most of the students in his school knows it.

"Music is my passion, I've been doing it since I was a kid, sabi nila, very unique daw ng music ko, ahehe, kasi before i make a song, 1st dapat maganda ang melody, then 2nd, need ko ng inspiration and 3rd dapat iyong inspirasyon kong una na pag narinig na niya ung music ko, dapat sapul na sapul sya! hahaha, I get my inspirasyon from my past of course and sometimes sa mga friends ko hinihingi ko iyong mga sitwasyon ng lovelife nila, and ayon ang ginagawa kong kanta, such as "nasaan na:", "kailan ba", "my love my friend", "hahayaan ko ba" and "move on"--Jephone Petil


Did you expected that your videos will become popular?
-actually, no, di ko naman hangad sumikat, ang sakin lang, cguro pag kinanta ng isang sikat na singer ang kanta ko, hayzzz grabe super saya ko, haha

Do you ever play at gigs?
-Yes, i have a gig every friday night in QRT bar las piñas, tapat ng southmall, likod lang kasi un ng school namin kaya tinatanggap ko, ahehe

What's the best comment/worst comment you received in youtube?
-the best comment siguro iyong nasa profile ko na sinabi ni argelaie, hindi ko tlga iyon malilimutan, that i always touch her heart regarding sa songs na mga ginagawa ko, lahat kasi ng comment binabasa ko tlga, then the worst, hmmn cguro ung video ko na nasa banyo ako, ahaha, aun inokray lang naman ung video ko,

Tell us anything else you'd like to share, things like trivia's, strange things about you and songs...your inspirations.
-I have 14 original songs, inspired by my ex and my friends, cguro ung mga, una iyong sa ex ko, sa friends and iyong sa bago kong inspiration, ahehe, ito ung pagkakasunod sunod nila

Ikaw ang Buhay Ko
Maging Akin Ka
My Love, My Friend
I'm Gonna
Never take the Test of Pride
Kailan Ba?
Hahayaan Ko Ba?
Awit ng Tropa
Move On
Nasaan Na

Throughout the Month, I will be posting reviews on his songs, comments, and video responses from youtube Viewers alongside other interesting Pinoy Youtube Videos, Users and Artists.
JEPHONE's Friendster account: Click Here

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